Visitors & Guests

The general public is welcome to visit the YMCA anytime by purchasing a day pass. Guests 13 years and older are required to present a picture ID each time they visit. Please be sure to review our Guest Policies & Guidelines prior to your visit.

Day Pass Type
(17 & under)




*Family Day Pass: up to 6 people, parent(s) & children under 24. $5 each additional


*A three day pass purchase price can be applied to the joiners fee when you become a member within a month of purchase.

We participate in the Y-AWAY Program

Y- A.W.A.Y (“Always Welcome at YMCA’s”)

Your YMCA membership card will now provide you free access to any Y membership facility in Wisconsin.  The Y is for HEALTHY LIVING and we want you to stay active and keep moving…even when out of town!  So get out and explore, visit friends and relatives, and remember to take your Y card with you.  All Y members will be welcome, FREE with their current Y membership card anywhere in Wisconsin. Photo ID also required.  Please remember all local Y rules regarding facility use apply.

You can find all YMCA’s easily at  Simply type in the zip code in the box designated “FIND YOUR Y”.