The first step in the process of building a relationship with a family new to the program. An appointment is scheduled to allow us to collect information by talking with the families, assessing their needs and working to connect them to resources that are vital to the families growth. The assessment is mandatory for families interested in participating in the Feeding Families program. For more information or to schedule an assessment please contact Pastor William Harris at 262.359.7685 or 262.654.9622 ext. 217.

Housed at Frank Elementary, the center is open to parents during the school year to write resumes, learn basic computer skills and get help for their families from the available resources. We empower parents to change their lives and to be responsible for the change in their lives and in their neighborhood. For more information on the center or to make an appointment please contact Pastor William Harris at 262.359.7685 or 262.654.9622 ext. 217

Designed to help those with dependent children, grandparents caring for their grandchildren and families living in poverty, this program provides dairy, fruits & vegetables, canned goods and healthy snacks to families on a weekly basis. Families must schedule a Family Needs Assessment prior to participating in this program. If you would like more information on this program or if your family could use the assistance please contact either Pastor William Harris, FNP Director at 262.359.7685 or 262.654.9622 ext. 217.