The Seahorses are a YMCA sanctioned swim team that focuses on providing children with a consistent opportunity to develop and refine their swim endurance and stroke technique. Instruction is provided to meet each individual swimmer’s needs within a safe, motivating, and challenging environment. Allowing your child to develop their competitive skills and instill a lifelong interest in swimming.

At the YMCA we practice a holistic approach to sports, with an emphasis on positive physical, mental, and spiritual development. We believe that there is too much emphasis on winning at all costs and on special recognition for sporting ability.

Our program holds other values that are important:

  • Developing self-confidence, self-respect, and an appreciation of your own worth as an individual.
  • Developing a commitment for daily living based on values such as Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.
  • Growing as a responsible member of the family and as a citizen of the community.
  • Appreciating that health of mind and body is a sacred gift and that physical fitness and mental well being are conditions to be achieved and maintained.
  • Recognizing the worth of all people and working for inter-group understanding.
  • Developing the capacity for leadership and using it responsibly in groups and community life.

To be ready for a competitive team, the swimmer must be able to complete 25 yards each of Freestyle and Backstroke, without stopping. They will also need to display a general knowledge of Breaststroke and Butterfly.


SUMMER 2021 EVALUATIONS: Wednesday, June 2nd at 6:30pm


The Kenosha YMCA Seahorse Swim team offers training and practice groups to those in all ability levels from beginner to advanced ages 6-18. Our beginner swimmer groups will focus on technique and efficiency before advancing groups.

This group is primarily for our swimmers 12 and under or for those completely new to competitive swimming. Coaches will teach the four competitive strokes, starts, and turns – the basics of competitive swimming.

This group is primarily for our swimmers 13 & up that can legally swim all four strokes. Emphasis is on fine tuning stroke technique and efficacy in the water to lead to increased performance.

(AKA Try Outs)
New swimmers can join the Seahorse Swim Team however an evaluation is required. Email us at seahorses@kenoshaymca.org to request a new swimmer evaluation.

Swimmers need to be able to complete a minimum of one length of freestyle, one length of backstroke, and be able to demonstrate breaststroke and butterfly without direct instruction.

Evaluations will happen at the beginning of each season. Swimmers should have their suit, goggles, and a towel (Swim Cap Preferred). Locker rooms are available.

Practice times will be determined by the level of your swimmer. Please attend the correct practice days and times for your group unless otherwise directed by the coaching staff. Attendance will be taken.

Seahorse Small Frys: Monday & Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm

Seahorses: Monday – Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm


  • Seahorse Small Frys: $130
  • Seahorse: $210

All Seahorse Swim Team members must have a Kenosha YMCA membership (youth or family).

As swimmers are ready, coaches will make changes to the swimmer’s group assignment. If your swimmer moves to a group with a higher fee, you will be responsible for the prorated increase.

Following the Kenosha YMCA Class Cancellation Policy, credits will be given for medical reasons only; documentation required. A prorated system will be used to determine credit amount and a $10 processing fee will be deducted from the credit amount. Credits are valid for 12 months.

No refunds or credits will be given for cancelled practices.