Child Care at the YMCA in Kenosha Wisconsin

The Kenosha YMCA has childcare center options for virtually every family. The Y offers child care programs from summer camps to before/after school programs and early childhood. Look no further for your family child care options — we’ve got you covered.

At the Y, we genuinely believe children should be free to explore new avenues and experience new things. We can accommodate them at the Y where we have a great day planned for your kids. Every day is filled with learning, fun games, and activities they will love! In addition, kids have a blast spending time with other children their age.

Child Care with Kid’s ClubBase Box 2

If you want to attend one of our exhilarating fitness classes or take advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities but can’t find quality child care at home, our child care program can help. We offer free* quality child care sessions for our members and guests. Our Kid’s Club can even take babies as young as six weeks old so that you can get a much-needed break. Our Kid’s Club offers fun activities for kids of all age groups. We provide small crafts projects, fun special or seasonal activities, outdoor playtime, or a ton of fun in our inside playroom. Our trained and friendly staff are here to help your child have a good time and enjoy being a child – all while you work out.

BASE programsSchool-Age Child Care Programs

You are going to love our child care program, but your kids will love it even more. The best way for kids to learn is through experience and play. That’s why we work hard to provide your child with a wide variety of things to do each day

Our school-age programs offer state-licensed programs with a commitment to providing high-quality care. Our mission and core values of honesty, responsibility, respect, and caring will leave you feeling secure knowing your child is in an inclusive, positive, and nurturing environment.

Some activities include art, music, math skills, pre-reading, dramatic play, and we even have outdoor activities available that your child can take part in.  

Our trained team members are here for you and your child with:

  • BASE (Before and After School Enrichment) Program: It is a program of enrichment and learning for everyday life, working with families on their family’s schedule before or after school hours.
  • School’s Out – When school is out due to teacher workdays and holiday breaks, our full-day programs offer children the opportunity to experience new things, explore new activities, and build relationships.

Early Childhood Day Care Programs

Every child needs a place where they can feel safe and comfortable to learn and grow. The Kenosha Y offers this along with the building blocks children need to prepare for a brighter future. Children will use the skills and values they learn early on throughout their lives. Parents can trust the Y’s early child care programs to support and nurture their children and help them become strong, capable, and engaged young people. Our trained team members are here for you with early childhood options for 2-Year Olds and Preschool-aged children.

Our programs offer: 

  • Develop social-emotional, pre-reading, and math skills while engaging in fun activities and experiences
  • Creative curriculum
  • Certified Lead Teachers, and ongoing staff development
  • Nutritionally sound breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided; under CACFP guidelines.
  • ASQ: Ages & Stages Questionnaire
  • Good health practices through daily exercise
  • Teaching students to understand and appreciate people and their world through activities such as:
  • Music, dance, art, foreign language, and more.
  • Introducing them to new things like gardening, cooking, STEM, and sign language.
  • Community service projects.
  • Field trips to local sites and area businesses, including the Library once a week.

Great Summers Start at the Y Summer Camp.

Friendships! Field Trips! Adventures! New and exciting experiences!
Simply a summer spent enjoying life and just being a kid!

The Kenosha Y offers so many exciting child care opportunities at our fantastic summer camp. This is the chance for your son or daughter to create lifelong friends, have incredible adventures, and so many new experiences.

Y Summer Day Camp offers:

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Y Four Core Values (honesty, caring, respect, responsibility) taught and practiced
  • Individual care for each child
  • Academic enrichment to help prevent summer learning loss
  • A summer spent enjoying peace of mind that your child is in good hands

Kids Learn the Fun Way At The Kenosha YMCA

At the Kenosha YMCA, we are committed to ensuring a safe, fun, and friendly environment for all the children that attend. You can rest assured that your kids will always be safe while spending time with staff members who are highly trained and provide quality care. Our team helps bring out the goals in children and then helps them on their journey to achieve them. They provide your children with a solid foundation to learn about and grow into the kind of person they want to be. Our daily structured activities teach the four most essential core values in life: respect, honesty, caring, and responsibility. Thus, we follow all the rules, regulations, and state licensing standards here at the Kenosha YMCA.

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