In the spring of 1928, pioneer automaker Charles W. Nash and his wife completed a study of youth needs in Kenosha. The results of their study led them to make a $400,000 donation toward a community youth center on the condition that their fellow residents match it dollar-for-dollar. 

Along with their challenge gift to Kenosha, Mr. and Mrs. Nash made the stipulation that “The new institution will be for the good of all religious classes of whatever denomination…will treat each and every religious denomination as part of the institution…and that one religious denomination will be as welcome as another.” Three thousand Kenoshans met that challenge because they believed they had an obligation to support programs of mental, moral and physical development of youth.   In 1930, the YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association) opened its doors and was dedicated to public service. An organization built for the community, by the community.

Many of our programs and services have remained the same over the years, and some have changed.  Our cause has remained the same. The Y has been focused on strengthening community for all for 90 Years.  

A look across the decades…..