At the YMCA we believe that positive and fun experiences are essential when it comes to developing a life-long love and commitment to staying healthy.

Fathering working out with daughter at the YMCA fitness center.
Father and daughter smiling doing push ups together at the YMCA fitness center.

(12-13 year olds)

This clinic will teach your child the rules and proper etiquette to follow while working out in the Fitness Center. The participant will also learn how to perform some basic exercises properly. Once your child has successfully completed this clinic they will receive a completion bracelet, this is to be worn while working out in the Fitness Center, under direct parental supervision.

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Members: $15 | General Public: $30

Now with Personal Trainer Q, CPT

Ages: 12-18 on Fitness Floor

This program is tailored specifically to growing athletes who are looking to properly gain strength and overall athleticism. Your Teen will gain strength and coordination by teaching (and building) upon basic foundations, with a focus in unilateral strength training through the utilization of body weight, dumbbells and kettlebells. Participants: Min 3, Max 7

Teens lifting weights to build strength in a YMCA class.
Young athlete doing a ladder drill in Agility Training

Now with Personal Trainer Q, CPT

Ages: 10-18 Court 3 in Gymnasium

Do you have a child in sports looking to unlock their performance, improve muscle endurance, and stabilize balance to prevent injury and learn correct joint movement? Eight weeks of intense work with Q will help you reach your maximum acceleration speeds & top end gains, regardless of the sport(s) you play. Participants: Min 4, Max 20

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