Participation in family and youth oriented activities such as sports, mentoring, computers, life skills training sessions and field trips will help give a renewed sense of purpose and direction and exposure to a better way of life. We strive to meet the social, academic and physical needs of Kenosha’s neediest children through programming and family visits.

For further information on the Frank Neighborhood Project please contact Pastor William Harris at 262.359.7685 or 262.654.9622 ext. 217

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Our young males are at risk of prison, jail, gangs and violence. Offering a spiritual component as well as talk sessions on every topic that is important to our youth; this program gives them a foundation to build on through training and the teaching of skills for future success. Some of the courses include, but are not limited to…

  • Health & Wellness
  • Conflict Resolution and Peer Relationships
  • Finance, Budgeting and Savings

Children participating in the program are also provided with homework assistance, activity time, dinner and transportation. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend with their children. 

This program is designed to build confidence, athletic abilities and social skills through a wide variety of sports, exercise and activities; including a nutritious meal and a healthy dose of encouragement for the kids and their parents. The children and their families are transported to the Y via the Frank Neighborhood bus. Please refer to the schedule above for program times and locations.

Held two Saturdays a month at Frank Elementary, this program is designed to provide a solid meal and a safe place for neighborhood families to recreate on the weekend.

This is a time for sharing and coming back to the dinner table. This is an evening designed to strengthen families and build community. We provide transportation for families to come and recreate together in a positive environment with positive role models and activities. Volunteers prepare and serve a dinner that is fit for a king!