We are so much more than a Daycare!

Choosing the right daycare and before/after school care program for your child in the Kenosha area is a significant decision that affects their growth and development. The Kenosha YMCA offers exceptional early child care and preschool programs as well as before/after school care services, dedicated to providing a safe, positive, and enriching environment. With a strong focus on the values of character development, the YMCA aims to help children reach their full potential while supporting and strengthening the family unit.

Fostering Holistic Development:

At the Kenosha YMCA Early Childhood Programs, the goals are clear: to facilitate children’s holistic development and promote their overall well-being. The YMCA recognizes that children learn best through play and hands-on experiences. Hence, their qualified staff designs developmentally appropriate activities based on the Wisconsin Model Early Standards to encourage social, emotional, physical, and educational growth.

The Four Values of Character Development:

The YMCA believes in instilling essential values in children that will guide them throughout their lives. The four values of character development—caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility—are taught, modeled, celebrated, and reinforced in the daycare and preschool programs. By integrating these values into daily activities, children are given the tools to become compassionate, honest, respectful, and responsible individuals.

Health and Well-being:

The Kenosha YMCA understands the importance of fostering health and well-being for both children and families. Through engaging experiences and a safe environment, they promote physical fitness, nutrition education, and healthy habits. Children aged three and older even have the opportunity to participate in swim lessons, enhancing their water safety skills while having fun.

Nurturing a Love for Learning, Life, and Others:

The YMCA’s child care center aims to cultivate a love for learning, life, and others in every child. By utilizing guided self-discovery and experiential learning, the dedicated teachers facilitate social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth during the critical early years. The warm, caring, and fun environment encourages children’s natural curiosity and personal expression, allowing them to develop communication, reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

Before and After School Program:

The Kenosha YMCA also offers a comprehensive before and after-school program that extends beyond merely providing a safe space for students. Recognizing the importance of holistic development, this program enhances what children learn in school by offering essential life lessons through engaging activities. Children can explore new interests, develop skills, and build healthy habits while being supported by caring and dedicated staff members.

Supporting Stronger Communities through Youth Development:

The YMCA believes in the power of youth development in building stronger communities. By offering high-quality child care and before/after school programs, they strive to provide all children with opportunities to discover their true potential. The Kenosha YMCA embraces the idea that communities thrive when children are given the tools and resources to grow and succeed.

The Kenosha YMCA’s daycare and before/after school care programs stand out as a beacon of support, care, and growth for children and families. With a focus on nurturing children’s holistic development, promoting character values, and fostering health and well-being, the YMCA offers a safe and positive environment where children can learn, explore, and thrive. By prioritizing youth development, the Kenosha YMCA contributes to the creation of stronger and more vibrant communities.

If you’re interested in meeting our staff and learning more about our childcare programs, please contact the Youth & Family office at youthandfamily@kenoshaymca.org to schedule a meeting.