Sending little ones off to preschool is an important milestone for kids and parents. But making the right choice doesn’t just open a door of opportunity now — it also provides lasting benefits that can be carried throughout your child’s whole life! A recent research study by the Learning Policy Institute reveals that selecting the perfect preschool is critical to unlocking lifelong success.

“Evidence demonstrates that high-quality preschool leaves children better prepared for school, especially in terms of their academic skill development,” reports the Learning Policy Institute. “There is growing evidence of long-lasting benefits for children’s school progress and behavioral outcomes.”

Preschool is not just about learning the ABCs and 123s; it provides many benefits beyond academics. For instance, preschool can help children learn how to accept instruction from others, smooth out their transition into kindergarten life, and master important social-emotional skills like communication with peers. Physical skills are also important for kids to learn, and preschool playtime is the perfect time to do so.

Parents in Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie can rest easy knowing their sons and daughters are getting the best start to learning, thanks to the Kenosha Y’s preschool program. From teaching problem-solving skills, positive behavior, friendship building, self-discipline, respect for others, and a wide variety of activities such as arts and crafts and outdoor playtime — children will find themselves immersed in an educational experience that helps develop lifelong values from day one!

The Kenosha Y’s preschool is a place where kids can feel safe and supported as they learn. Cohesive relationships between staff, parents, and students create a powerful sense of community. At the same time, the Y’s Creative Curriculum helps young people grow socially, emotionally, and physically through activities that are made just for them. The Y builds the leaders of tomorrow by investing in each child’s future success.

At the Kenosha Y’s preschool, your child will be guided to embody the Y’s values — caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility. 

Enrolling your child at the Y’s preschool is an investment that will pay off in years to come. With the Kenosha Y’s caring and experienced staff, quality education, and safe and nurturing environment, preschool at the Y is sure to provide your child with the best early childhood foundation possible.

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