It’s FUN being a 2 yr old!  They are active, curious, discovering their individuality, world and trying to get along with one another! 

Our licensed center staffed with caring teachers create lessons just for your 2 yr. old that are based on their unique developmental needs such as…..

  • Stacks small blocks
  • Runs well
  • Kicks a ball
  • Walks down stairs
  • Draws lines and circular scribbles
  • Feeds himself or herself well through nutritious Family Style Meals
  • plays alongside other children
  • fears things like loud sounds, certain animals, etc.
  • can follow a two-step command (“Pick up your toy and put it on the shelf.”)
  • can name many body parts
  • can pick out pictures in a book
  • starts to engage in pretend play (Feeding a baby doll)
  • matches shapes
  • says more than 50 words
  • uses at least two-word sentences (“I go!”)
  • is understood half the time be a stranger
  • uses real words (“breakfast”) instead of baby talk (“num-nums”)