Kenosha Child Care for Children ages 2 through Preschool

A safe and positive environment is critical to early childhood development. Here at Kenosha YMCA, we offer child care programs specialized for 2-year-olds through preschool-age children. We care for the children enrolled in our programs as though they were our own.

We Provide Your Children With a Safe and Engaging Environment

When you enroll your child in a new child care program, you trust the caretakers to ensure safety and positivity for your child. At the Y, we care for each child with the utmost respect,  treat them as distinct individuals, and taking responsibility for them and their well-being is our priority. Every parent deserves to be worry-free when they have extended their trust to a child care provider.

The Y’s child care staff are equipped with the knowledge and proper experience required to provide children with an environment they will enjoy being a part of. Our staff works hard every day to maintain an inclusive, positive and nurturing environment for children to interact with each other.

At the Y, integrity is a core value of our child care programs- your trust is our motivation. When your child is in our care, we put their well-being, safety, and happiness above all else.

Meet our Passionate Team!

Tykes & Tots
Child Care for ages 2 – 3½

2-3 year-olds are active and curious- they’re discovering new things about themselves and the world every day! Our Tykes & Tots Program is tailored for their unique developmental needs. 

We use several kinds of activities to engage their curious minds. The goal of our Tykes & Tots Program is to educate children through:

  • Movement and physical activity
  • Social and emotional development
  • Cognitive skills like learning and thinking
  • Communication and language skills 


Child Care for ages 3½ – 5 years

Preschool marks the beginning of a new chapter in a child’s life. Children in preschool take their first steps into formal education, forming lifestyle habits, developing social and emotional behaviors, and much more.

Our preschool child care program aims to educate the children using a Creative Curriculum and nurture healthy lifestyle choices with exercise and nutritionally sound eating. The pillars of this program teach children to:

  • Fostering cognitive skills like literacy, pre-math, and problem-solving
  • Social development in peer cooperation and independence
  • Engaging mind and body through fitness time in our gyms and pools

What Makes Our Child Care Programs Special?

It’s been proven that early childhood is the cornerstone of child development. In child care, caretakers may use many different methods to engage children and foster their well-being.

In our approach to child care, we account for all of your children’s needs. Our engaging methods for education, physical activities, and social development are why we can maintain an environment that children love being a part of.

An inclusive, successful child care environment balances everything that makes up a healthy lifestyle; it’s just specialized to be welcoming and engaging for children. It’s our mission to provide an environment with all essential child-friendly qualities.

Our Promise to Parents

Kenosha YMCA’s child care programs provide an environment that’s safe, fun, and engaging for your children. They will make friends as they interact with other children during a wide variety of activities.

We work to help your children grow with discovery learning, safe physical activities, healthy interpersonal interactions, cognitive development, and communication skills. In addition, we make it our goal to ensure your child has healthy guidance as they begin their journey in life.

Enroll Your Child Today!

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Step 1. Complete Enrollment Packet
Click to Download Enrollment Packet
We HIGHLY recommend completing online and printing to sign OR downloading to complete & sign electronically via Acrobat Reader.
Forms are also available at the Member Service Desk at the Kenosha YMCA.

Step 2. Review Parent Policy Book
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Sign and submit acknowledgment page.

Step 3. Look for Confirmation E-mail
Confirmation E-mail will arrive in 1-2 business days with instructions on how to proceed.

Step 4: Complete Online Scheduling
Once you receive your confirmation e-mail, you may proceed to Online Scheduling. The link will be included in your confirmation e-mail.

Your child(ren) will officially be enrolled when ALL forms and ONLINE REGISTRATION are complete and turned in to the Kenosha YMCA.


  • Program open Monday – Friday, 6:30am-6:00pm
  • Enrollment is accepted year-round, and students may begin attending within two business days of providing space available and all required forms are complete.
  • A one-time Registration Fee of $30.00 per child is due at the time of enrollment
    • Online Enrollment
    • Flexible Scheduling (2 day minimum)
    • Multiple child discount: 10% off fees for each additional child attending the program
    • Wisconsin Works is accepted, and a co-pay may apply.
    • Enrollment is accepted year round; call for openings
  • Payments are due two-weeks in advance
  • Entry into Preschool depends on the following criteria:
    • The child’s developmental readiness
    • The child must be at least 3½ years old
    • The child needs to be fully potty trained
  • Meet Your Staff and Learn More
    • If interested in meeting your staff and learning more about the program, please contact the Youth & Family office at to schedule a meeting.

2024-25 RATES

  • 2 Year Olds
    • Fewer than 5 hours – Member $34/per day | General Public $39/per day
    • 5+ hours – Member $46/per day | General Public $51/per day
  • 3-5 Year Olds
    • Fewer than 5 hours – Member $31/per day | General Public $36/per day
    • 5+ hours – Member $43/per day | General Public $48/per day
    • Summer Camp $50/per day

*Multiple Child(ren) will receive a 10% discount after the first child is enrolled and each child after.

Financial Assistance

The Kenosha YMCA is a state licensed facility that accepts W-2 (Wisconsin Works) payment. Any families that receive W-2 assistance, and are not currently enrolled in our BASE program will need to provide proof of authorization prior to the first Day of camp. Parents are responsible for any co-payments.

The Kenosha Y welcomes requests for reduction of fees from families that would benefit from participation in our child care programs, but are limited in their ability to pay. Please complete and return the John and Judy Wavro Scholarship Fund application. Questions? Contact us at (262) 654-9622, ext 236.

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